Weekly Results: Best Seven Days For Bitcoin And Worst For Altcoin

How The Week Was For Bitcoin

Last week (the report of the analyzed seven-day period: the 3rd of July — the 9th of July) became one of the best for Bitcoin lately. The uptrend, which began last week, continued, so BTC managed to reach $12,573 with an increase of 14.3%. Market capitalization approached about $224 billion.

How The Week Was For Coins From The Top 10

The top ten projects from the general cryptocurrency list showed a moderate increase of 2.97% during the analyzed week. It means the relative strength and advantage of BTC in relation to Altcoin. Coins can’t support the Bitcoin powerful uptrend at the moment.

How The Week Was For The Rest Of The Coins

Top Coins

The most profitable Altcoins of the top 100 coins showed an increase of 30% during the analyzed week. Despite of the advantage and a sharp increase in BTC, five coins managed to beat the first cryptocurrency and prove that Altcoins can support uptrends.

Worst Coins

The list of coins from the top 100, which dropped sharply in price this week, includes Dent (DENT), VestChain (VEST): -15.74%, Chainlink (LINK): -14.22%, MaidSafeCoin (MAID): -13.24%, Metaverse (ETP): -12.68%.


The market cryptocurrency capitalization of the analyzed week (the 3rd of July — the 9th of July) was $347 billion. The highest rates in terms of volume were in the first days, when the Bitcoin rate aims for a level over $13,000.



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