Key Ethereum Blockchain Issues and Basic Information about Istanbul Hard Fork

A little history and the role of Ethereum in the industry

  • The presence of dApps and a variety of use cases. The number of applications in the blockchain affects its value.
  • Transaction rate. The higher the blockchain bandwidth, the more interesting it is for developers.
  • Commissions. The lower the transaction costs, as well as the cost of issuing new tokens, the more users will want to interact with the blockchain.
  • Easy to create. Elements such as test networks, EVM compatibility, and smart contract languages ​​play an important role in attracting users.
  • Security and development. Total activity, expressed by the number of improvement proposals and the number of active developers, is a sign of the project’s well being. In addition, blockchain security plays a key role.
  • Decentralization. The degree of centralization affects the value proposition of the chain, especially from the point of view of potentially interested parties.

Main Ethereum restrictions

When to wait for Istanbul hard fork?

The main changes in the Istanbul hard fork





The first independent raiting analytical agency for crypto-economic projects.

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The first independent raiting analytical agency for crypto-economic projects.

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